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Our team has a collective 70 plus years of experience in the entertainment field. Our experience ranges from Marketing & Promotions to Artists Development & Entertainment Consultation.

Our team members have worked with platinum recording artist and aspiring vocalists alike! Fashion Designers and Models, Producers and Vocalists, Entertainers and Executives all seek our Advice and Services.

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Social Media

Setup your brand image online by using social media and networking. Find the right marketing mix to gain fans and spread your updates. AERO can setup, design, & support your online growth.

PR / Promotions

Marketing & Promotions handles all marketing phases necessary for successful product launch or event.

Artist Development

We offer industry standard information with a modern twist. The truth is, the music industry is not what it used to be. If you desire to launch and maintain a career in the music industry, you need to know how to achieve that in today’s market.

Brand Yourself

Grow your image by gaining a creative design, a steady marketing campaign, entertaining existing fans, and being attractive to new fans. AERO can help define and display your great qualities for a better marketing approach within your industry.

Social Media Development

Use the power of the web.
Takeover social networking sites.

Social Media Branding

Connect Online to millions of users with a marketing strategy and great looking brand. We help keep your social media profiles attractive for new fans. Get the expert advise in how to grow your brand by using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and more!

Web Development

Got a website that attracts, connects, and communicates your talent and skill? Get help in establishing a new website or get a makeover of your existing site. AERO can help you use web technology as a new innovative strategy to brand yourself.

Production & Distribution

From concept to completion, AERO Entertainment can help develop your idea to a real life functioning product. Ask about our production services, finding distribution, or even financing your next project.

Social Networking

From #Hashtags to Fanpages, AERO can help you expand your fanbase

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Get Started Let the power of the web and it's technology work for you! AERO Entertainment specializes in social media setup, design and development of growing artists.


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